[[Mark Of The Sinners]]

{October 30, 2008}   wondering….

Well yeah been really long time since I’ve written anything hasn’t it? Haven’t had time to check on it with everything I do in the day.

Anyhow on with this entry thingy.

Last night I was talking to Sylvia after she had taken like 12 advil (she had a headache) she called Nik.  I hadn’t talked to him for months. ALOT had changed since then.

He got put in a mental instution and into the room where they chain you to the wall or something like that. i didn’t know it but he is a psychopath and has maltiple personality discorder.

kinda nice to finally know i’m not the only one who is a psycho.

If I said that I had a book I was writing in about how I was going to killl everyone and what I would do to them would you say I was crazy?

It isn’t though.

It’s perfectly normal.

Perfectly, perfectly normal.

If they do say I’m crazy then I’m going to ask for the chainy room or the padded one though the chainy one seems better.


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